Nadir’s ALS Remission Protocol

(updated on 4/26/2018)

(Warning: The drugs employed in the protocol described below have potential side effects. Therefore, I suggest the support of a medical doctor while following the protocol.)

I will keep the story as short as possible. The protocol explained here stopped the disease progressions for the majority of the patients who have tried it. It is mainly about stopping neuroinflammation, supplying energy to your neurons, which are when combined, stop nerve cell death. You normally see the improvements in a week. From my observations, the more motor neurons you have left, the faster you notice the improvements. At the bottom of this page, you may find a list of links to some recent research that support the claims I have been making about the huge role of neuroinflammation on ALS progression.

The improvements you will notice will be as follows, usually in this order:
  • Reduction in spasticity and muscle stiffness.
  • Reduction in fasciculations.
  • Reduction of pseudo-bulbar effect.
  • Faster and easier movements in general.
  • Major reduction in serum creatine kinase (CK).
  • Improved breathing, swallowing, speaking, walking, eye movements, all sorts of motor activity will get better in time.
Now is the protocol itself:
  • I.M. (intramuscular) injection of 8 mg Dexamethasone every morning. If I.M. is unavailable, oral Dexamethasone works just fine, but usually with more pronounced side effects.
  • Testosterone injections to keep your testosterone levels near the upper limits.
  • 150 mg Imuran a day. This will help you taper your Dexamethasone dose in the future.
  • Insulin shots after each meal, depending on the glucose levels.
  • Feel free to take supplements. I recommend taking calcium, magnesium, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, B12, K2), ubiquinol, pqq, licorice root, cannabis oil, omega 3, resveratrol.
  • I recommend a gluten-free diet.
  • Exercise as much as possible.
You should be careful about your vitals while using these drugs. Normally they are all very well-known well-tested drugs in most cases. But like most drugs, they have lots of potential side-effects. Make sure that your glucose levels and blood pressure remain in the normal range most of the time. Feel free to take additional meds as required. For instance, you should definitely get Omeprazol everyday to protect your stomach from the meds. You should also get your eyes checked once in every 3-5 months.
Some Additional Information About the Protocol:
  • I would suggest to get your serum CK level checked just before starting and a week later.  For the patients who respond to the protocol, a major reduction in serum CK is usually observed.
  • In the first week, you may skip testosterone and Imuran and supplements. At the end of the week, you will know whether you are responding or not. If you are responding, you continue the protocol.
  • The reasons why I prefer Dexamethasone over Prednisone are that it is more potent, has zero mineralcorticoid effect, and your body gets just 8mg drug (equivalent to 40mg prednisone). You can start tapering after two weeks. Do not taper more than 0.5 mg every week. Taper down to 1.5 mg.
  • The reasons why I prefered Imuran over other immunesuppression are that it is both very well tested, used for many autoimmune conditions (including M.S.) and it is much cheaper than similar drugs.
  • Testosterone injections are used to push your protein synthesis to its limits. If you are a woman, or already have high serum testosterone, you may not need testosterone shots at all. Please consult your doctor about this.
  • Insulin is my latest addition to the protocol. When you use high dose corticosteroids, there is usually no way for your glucose level to be in the normal range.
Links to the recent research that support my claims